Simplify & Amplify

A 2-Day intimate immersion
to take your business & your life
to the next level

October 16-17, 2017
Portsmouth, NH

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If you’ve reached the point where the old business systems and structures are no longer working for you, and you’re ready to move out of the (un)comfortable minimum of enough and into the flow of more than enough, it’s time for you to make the decision to do something different.

I’m ready to lead you forward, out of mediocrity and status quo. Out of not enough (or just enough) to more than enough.

I know that “comfortable minimum” is NOT what you want or you wouldn’t still be searching for someone who can truly guide you, someone who’s built a financially stable and consistently successful business that honors what really matters, without sacrificing what’s most important.

When you are clear and committed, you are filled with a sense of ease and knowing that your wants and needs will be taken care of, because you’re paying attention, making strategic decisions, planning ahead and going beyond your comfortable minimum with the grace you know you’re capable of.

Since the day I started my business, I’ve never wavered from this truth. I’ve watched others soar ahead of me, only to watch them be crushed under the pressure of working too hard and too much, and be absolutely miserable by the monster they created.

Meanwhile, I’ve grown my business, slowly but surely, without one single sacrifice along the way:

~ I enjoy a multiple 6-figure business that funds the life experiences I value

~ I work less than 15 hours a week on average with 1 very part-time virtual assistant so I can keep my family first

~ I take 12 weeks off for the summer and 4 other vacation weeks during the year… I’m the only one I know of who does this. (That’s 16 weeks of dedicated holiday every year.)

~ I’m home for snow days, sick days, and whenever my immediate or extended family needs me to be available. This kind of flexibility and freedom is priceless.

Others promise this kind of lifestyle, but they just don’t walk their talk. I do.

But so what? What does this mean for YOU?

Well, do you want…

~ Enough money so you have peace of mind? Meaning not just your bills are paid, and you have a little left over. I mean that you have more than enough to fund the life you want to experience.

~ Time to be your own. Focused, 100% present, flexible, to spend on what matters most to you? For me, that’s my family. For you, it may be family, kids, aging parents, a creative passion like painting or photography or acting, charities that you’re passionate about, yoga, travel, or something else entirely.

~ Joy – knowing you’re creating something of substance and service in a way that honors your lifestyle choices.

~ Ease – to let go of all the ‘shoulds’ and do it your way, once and for all.

Imagine with me…

~ a business that you run with ease and joy, instead of it running you ragged

~ a business that operates within your chosen time…on your terms…instead of the other way around

~ a business that allows you to focus your time where and when YOU want, instead of squeezing your life into the tiny pockets of time that are left over

~ a business that brings you consistent income, giving you true peace of mind

I’ve been mentoring entrepreneurs just like you for 16 years to create their own profitable business in less than part-time hours, so they can have the time and money freedom they ache for.

I want to do the same with you.

The truth is that you’re probably working too hard for too little return.


Did you just nod? It’s true.

We make it so complicated, we over-think, we get distracted by the next bright and shiny thing. We make a plan but we don’t actually implement the plan.

We have a great vision but we’re stuck making decisions from our current place of lack. We create new stuff instead of squeezing the juice out of what we already have. We spend WAY too much time on social media NOT building our business.

We question every piece of advice we’re given – no matter who the giver – instead of trusting and testing it out for ourselves. And then we wonder why ‘it’s not working!’.

(Ok, I admit it – this is the stuff that makes me nuts.)

If I’ve just described you, and you’re unwilling to do things differently, then this is NOT the event for you.

If, however, you want to simplify your business and marketing, give yourself the gift of time to do with as you please, create reliable and leveraged income streams, and enjoy your business – and your life – a whole lot more – this is IS the event for you – if you’re truly willing to take what I’m offering and run with it.

And if you know it’s possible to have a thriving business, but you don’t want to do “whatever it takes” to make that happen, rest easy because I’m with you. I’m not willing to do “whatever it takes” either – no thanks.

But I am willing to commit to my LIFE first, then my business. I make decisions from that place, which actually makes things SO much easier.

I spend time only on what works and then leverage that to the nth degree.

Aren’t you tired of searching for the magic key that will unlock all the secrets to this business-building thing?

Well, rest assured that there isn’t a magic key. There are no ‘secrets’. It’s actually pretty simple to build a cash-rich business online.

And the best part? It can be a whole lot more fun than it is right now. 🙂

In 2001, I was desperate for a business that I loved that would fund the life I wanted…

But what I didn’t want was this huge company that required me to work more than play. I realized early on that I wasn’t willing to work that hard, do whatever it takes or have a “no excuses” approach…

Where’s the fun in that?

I just wanted more than enough to fund the life I wanted for myself and my family while still spending the majority of my time with my husband and our two kids, or just doing stuff I wanted to do.

Simple really.

And I did that – and then I wanted more.

And since I was determined that I wasn’t going to work more, I had to get really good at being strategic, planning, using leverage, being focused, only investing in just the next thing that I was actually going to use to grow my business (all things I will share with you at Simplify & Amplify).

If you allow yourself to design your business around your life and what’s most important to you instead of feeling pressured into working more for the results you want, you absolutely can make it happen.

Following my own mentors’ advice and listening to my inner guidance has steadily moved me to a place of financial piece of mind.

And just so you know, it took me three years to reach my first $100k. And 8 years to reach $1M in sales.

But I’m ok with that. 😉

Believe me, if *I* can do it, you can too.


The sad thing is that most entrepreneurs struggle for too long

trying to figure everything out on their own.

Here’s what I know…

Every business owner is unique, so every business is unique.

The harder you work, the harder it is to be successful.

Time is an illusion. Let go of this and you’ll reach every goal you set.

Decide to be successful on your terms in your time, not for someone else’s agenda.

YOU are your own best source. Sometimes we just need a little guidance.


Here’s what else I know…

You must have a Big Money Why.

You must know what you really, really, really want.

Your desire has to be bigger than your doubt.

You have to be willing to let go – of everything.

Otherwise, it’s just too damn hard.

And not at all FUN.


The good news is you don’t have to figure it all out on your own…

During our two days together, you’ll gain clarity around exactly where your business is and why, excavate what truly motivates you as well as what brings you joy, release doubts of what the right next move is, and move through any fears you have as I direct you on YOUR right path.

You’ll experience extreme relief as you simplify your entire business along with a profound sense of ease when you leave with your doable action plan.

When you show up willing to see things differently, let go of what’s no longer working for any reason so it no longer drags you down, and ready to put the next steps into action, your business – and your life – will be transformed.

Simplify & Amplify is an intimate retreat enjoyed in a spacious and light-filled setting, where you’ll be DOING what you learn while we’re together.

Simplify & Amplify is NOT long intense days full of theory that intellectually may be stimulating, but doesn’t offer anything tangible for you to implement.

This is where you make the shifts, gain the clarity, receive the direction and make the plan how to apply it all to your business and your life – with me right by your side.

Join us to learn how...

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We’ll focus on these 3 key areas to
Re-set, Re-align, Re-evaluate, Re-connect and Re-invent
your business and your life…



Let’s take all the puzzle pieces and put them together for you by streamlining and simplifying everything.

Re-Set, Re-Align & Re-evaluate

Do you remember why you started your business in the first place?

But somewhere along the way, things got muddled and you’ve found yourself doubting, confused, off-track and not knowing which way to turn next?

We all start with what we know. But now it’s time to recognize what we don’t. In order to get from here to there, we need to go back to the beginning, re-evaluate our why, re-align with what is true for you today, and re-set so we can finally move into the next level of growth.



It’s time to multiple your audience, amplify your message above the noise, so your just-right people hear it.

Re-Connect with Your Purpose and Excavate Your Stand

When we first start putting our messages out in the world, we tend to say safe, live in the Land of Vanilla, not wanting to draw too much attention to ourselves so we don’t alienate others – or worse, ourselves.

But it’s time to walk through the fear and take a stand. Whether it’s a core belief, a controversial viewpoint, or a deep guiding principle – this is the time to start sharing it… and sharing it big.


Now we can Freedom-fy your business so it fully supports and funds your desired lifestyle.

Re-Invent Your Business Model

Are you tired of following a business model that just isn’t working for you?

It’s not bringing you the right (or enough) clients, members, income, or opportunities anymore?

Then it’s time to shake things up – no more comfortable minimum.

You have choices to change things up. You’ve probably already started this process, perhaps tentatively.

It’s time. Now. Not next month or next year. NOW.

Want to know more?

Just click on the tabs for more details

on what you’ll be learning at the retreat…

Before we can build a business we love – for the long haul – we need to get straight on what’s most important to us, both in our business and our life.

We’ll begin Simplify & Amplify with simplifying everything by…

  • excavating what’s MOST important to you and why
  • figuring out what your Big Money Why (BMW) is and why it’s imperative to define and embrace it
  • digging deep into the roots of your success (this one leads to lots of AHA moments)
  • giving you the confidence you need to stand strong with your boundaries and protection of what you value most
  • deciding what you will and will not do or be anymore
  • getting crystal clear on what you will focus on being and doing going forward
  • deciphering your deeper more specific Message and your work in the world
  • creating your Soapbox Stand in your market
  • dismantling what isn’t working in your business (and life) and create an easier more authentic framework
  • and more mindset shifting concepts with practical applications

I’ll also share with you my 5 favorite manifesting rituals I routinely do that have made a big impact on not just my bottom line, but my mindset and life as well.

You’ll learn how to optimize and automate your lead generation process and amplify your reach into a much wider audience (think reaching the masses with your message).

You can’t make money with your business online if no one knows it exists. That’s why you need high quality, targeted traffic – your ideal clients and customers – to easily be able to find you online.

More importantly, though, is YOU need to find THEM.

And you need easy and systematic ways to invite them to connect with you further.

During the retreat, you’ll learn at least 8 of my favorite ways to capture and connect with your ideal audience. We’ll go in-depth on each of these, and you’ll receive easy-to-follow Implementation Charts for each one too.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Utilizing the power of video to engage with your best audience who become your best clients and customers
  • Simple strategies that will help boost your rankings in the search engines that you’re likely not doing
  • How to power-up your freebies to bring more consistent subscribers to your list
  • How Instagram can be a fun and easy way to connect with more of your people where they are
  • An automatic and systematic lead-generating process that consistently brings new people to you
  • How to use virtual speaking (webinars, podcasts, teleseminars, Facebook Lives, etc.) to attract a lot more new people into your inner circle quickly and consistently
  • How to connect with the right champion mentor to engage with even more of your ideal audience to dramatically increase your list numbers
  • How to effectively use your Facebook Page as a leveraging tool and gathering place for your Facebook friends and followers
  • How to create and run a successful free Facebook Group that will increase your reach and your revenue
  • How to effectively use social media to build your list without wasting your time or energy
  • What you can create that has the capacity to go viral and potentially attract thousands of new people to your list
  • How to create a follow-up sequence that turns your new followers into clients and customers
  • and much more…

Business Ascension Model™

The Business Ascension Model™ is the evolution of your business from that first day you took the leap of faith with your business idea to the next level to the next level to the next level…

This model offers a whole new sense of direction and purpose – because it’s NOT just about the money. It’s about what matters.

And when you focus on what matters, to you and to your audience, that’s when the money comes.

I’m blessed to be connected with over 40,000 people in my community and on my email lists whom I can inspire and empower, to be able to choose to work with just a handful of fabulous clients where we can go much deeper, and because of the Business Ascension Model™, my business is lucrative enough to fund the lifestyle I want while only being at my desk an average of 15 hours a week.

So, let me ask you this: How much money do you REALLY need to support the life you want to experience WITHOUT sacrificing what matters most to you?

I’m going to help you figure that out at Simplify & Amplify so you have a realistic and absolutely attainable goal to reach. And whatever your answer is, we can make it happen for you.

When you are clear and committed to your cash flow, you can plan for the future with a sense of ease and knowing that your wants and needs will be taken care of, because you’re paying attention, making strategic decisions, and going beyond your comfortable minimum with the grace you know you’re capable of.

We’ll look at key questions around cash flow, like:

– where should you, as the CEO of your business, be putting your attention?
– are your maximizing cash flow in each and every one of your income streams?
– where is your cash flow stagnant or stuck and how can you move them into flowing more easily and abundantly?
– what investments would increase your cash flow even when it ‘feels’ like an expense?

Part of creating your own Business Ascension Model™ is making decisions on exactly how you want your business be.

> Do you want to offer a group experience to a large audience? Then you’ll want to follow the Memberships/Associations/Organizations BAM.

> Do you want to coach one-on-one or to smaller groups, or both? Then you’ll want to follow the Coaching/Consulting BAM.

> Do you want to lead in-person workshops or retreats? Then you’ll want to follow the Retreat/Workshop BAM.

> Do you want to focus on offering online courses, digital products and/or physical products? Then you’ll want to follow the Program/Product BAM.

At Simplify & Amplify, you’ll receive all 4 of these BAMs to choose from – and yes, you can combine any part of these to customize your own BAM, which I will personally help you do during our time together.

We’ll literally walk through each of these Business Ascension Models™ during our two days together, so you’ll be sure to leave with your plan for a more peaceful and profitable business in place.

Money Tree

Alicia’s Money Tree is a beautiful visualization of how to grow your business, from your authentic roots to your highest heights.


Alicia’s always built her business around her life,
and not the other way around.
It’s not magic – it’s just choices.

Business Ascension Model

With Alicia’s Business Ascension Model, you’ll have a whole new understanding of what it really takes to start, grow and sustain a truly successful business.

Big Money Why

What’s your Big Money Why?
Don’t know? You will.
(Don’t worry – we’ll have tissues.)


Leverage by Design.
Small efforts = Big results
Enough said.


The Spirit of your business is the core if its success. When you tune in, you’ll be led effortlessly forward.

Let’s create a REAL Lifestyle Business together…

(photo credit: Alicia Forest – Jamaica, 2013)

of Only 30 Seats Remaining for this Exclusive & Intimate Once-a-Year Gathering

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This online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received, you will get an electronic receipt and further instructions within a few minutes.

Please see complete policy and payment terms on our policies page here.

Praise from Past Attendees of Alicia’s 7 Previous Sold-Out Workshops

I’m so proud and pleased with the success stories my clients have shared, everything from doubling the size of their list in just weeks, to making an extra $1000 in a single day, to tripling their client roster, to signing on their own high-end coaching clients, to generating an additional $10,000-$80,000+ to their annual income, to mapping out exactly how they’ll be reaching their 6- to 7-figure money goals, while honoring their personal priorities.

“Alicia Forest, more than my coach; my guide, my teacher and my inspiration. Thank you for your continued support, the endless resources and your authentic intuition.

Through our work together, I have become unstuck, finally moving myself forward out of the limiting patterns that held me back. Your caring, yet forward nudge to either go for it or throw it all in, moved me out of fear into confidence. Your belief in me has gifted me with the most important lesson of all: I now believe and value myself.

I am grateful you choose to show up as your true self each day, as you instill that same courage in all of us that you coach to do the same.”

Elizabeth Scala, RN, MBA

Founder, Art of Nursing Virtual Conference

“I can’t say enough about getting the chance to work with Alicia. After attending her workshop I signed up on the spot to work with her privately. To kick off our work together I attended a full day private retreat where together we mapped out a plan for my business, my launches, my marketing and how to generate the income I was looking to achieve. Not only did I leave the retreat with exactly what I was looking for but much more.

Alicia gives you everything and doesn’t hold back. I’m so fortunate to have her as both a mentor and friend and I can’t recommend her highly enough. It will be one of the best business decisions you will ever make.”

Jeannie Spiro

“I’ve worked for years 1-on-1 with Alicia as a private client, so why in the world would I pay travel expenses to attend a workshop focused on topics I’ve covered with her already? Well, for two reasons.

1. I’ve started a second business and needed to outline my signature system. Yes, I could have done this one my own, but it’s difficult to set aside the time in my normal surroundings. PLUS, I had a ton of ideas running through my mind and it was INVALUABLE to have someone to bounce my thoughts off of and receive direct feedback.

2. Attending a live workshop is a fantastic opportunity for me to meet individuals I see online face-to-face and better determine the potential for future collaborations.

So many attendees were raving about how much information they received and how open Alicia is about sharing her business, what she’s done, what’s worked for her, and her recommendations for taking your own business forward. I can’t recommend attending Alicia’s event highly enough!”

Lisa Nelson, RD

“I’ve been to all 7 of Alicia’s past workshops because I get so much out of them. I come home every year with a grand list of “to do’s” that I know will maximize my time, increase profits (yes, I was leaving money on the table) all while increasing my return on effort.

Alicia’s authentic, genuine and open book way of teaching makes her workshops fun, informative and worth the investment. Best of all she gives you time to actually work on your business while at the workshop and the content isn’t the big “fluff” that you get at most workshops.

Will I be at Alicia’s event again? Definitely!”

Sandra De Freitas


“What an amazing few days. This is the most incredible group of people. As I was driving home I finally allowed myself to feel all the amazing things I was feeling – and I realized that feeling was FREEDOM! I am free of financial worries, free of illness worries, free of having to rely on my incredible husband, free to do whatever I dream of AND free to encourage by husband to do whatever he wishes to. I was flying high and soaking this all in.

At the same exact moment a picture popped up on my phone from an old friend. It was a picture from one year ago on my son’s very last day of chemo. We came home and a parade (yes literally a parade of community members, family, and friends) came down the street with our high school marching band in celebration of our baby kicking cancer’s a**. I completely lost it! So many amazing milestones happening to our family in the last year. I had to pull over and cry my tears of joy and gratitude. Life truly is good and I am so happy to share my journey with you. I hope it inspires each of you to pursue your dreams in confidence with the utmost gratitude for each life lesson!”

Claire Pahucki

Ms. Claire’s Montessori Schools, Ms. Claire’s Music Cupboard &

“Alicia’s events are my go-to business training resource. I’ll be going back for my 6th time this year. Why? Because Alicia‘s content continues to evolve as my business evolves. Every year my business is in a new place and I need new tools and different kinds of guidance. Alicia offers exactly what I need, at whatever level I’m at. I

n addition, the friendships and business connections I’ve developed with the other attendees over the years have become priceless to me.”

Lisa Braithwaite

“OBBW gave me the business support and structure that I desperately needed as a new entrepreneur.

Alicia is masterful in teaching what we need to know in order to create a successful business. I’ve learned so much from her and I can’t wait to learn more as my company Ultimate Healing Journey LLC continues grow!”

Debbie Lyn Toomey, RN

Health & Happiness Specialist

“Having an online business for years, I researched very thoroughly who I wanted to learn from and Alicia did not disappoint! I made a commitment that I would go to ONE workshop during ‘event season’ and wow, am I ever glad that I chose Alicia’s event.

Alicia is so refreshing, honest, and open about what has worked for her and what hasn’t and generously shares all of her knowledge with you! I know a lot about the mechanics of building an online business, but I was really amazed at how much I learned at her event. I’m already implementing some of the terrific strategies on a brand new program which I know will ensure that it is a smashing success!

As a former teacher, I know a good teacher when I see one and Alicia sets the bar high. She ensured that everyone was learning at a pace that was good for them and prevented overwhelmed by clarifying and patiently answering questions. Her calm presence truly made the event flow in a warm and comfortable way (which definitely resonated with me!).

The Money Mastery portion of the workshop was my favorite, it was enlightening and thought-provoking and I learned a lot about how of been treating money in my business. I can’t wait to see how these shifts show up professionally!

And the icing on the cake was staying in Portsmouth, a cozy, cool, hip town with a bit of funky thrown in. It was a wonderful place to get to know other attendees and create that great cohesiveness that a good conference facilitates. Hopefully I’ll get to meet YOU at one of her future events!

Danielle Miller

“I loved, loved, loved Alicia Forest’s event! This is the only event of it’s type that I’ve attended where it was 100% content. Alicia gave us so much marketing information that I could easily implement and make more money (which I already have!!!).

She’s also very generous of spirit – answering all of my questions – which is priceless. Looking forward to learning more from her. Thank you, Alicia.”

Kate Beeders

Founder, Brilliance Builders

Join us for this limited seating event

Because of the intimate nature of this retreat, seating is very limited.

This retreat is not like my past workshops. We’ll be digging deep into your business at a very specific level to move you to the next. This retreat is best for you if you have the foundational pieces in place already.

Reserve your seat now

Why Simplify & Amplify?

I know you have many choices for live events, and that for most folks it’s a big decision to clear the calendar, make travel arrangements, take time away, invest the money, etc.

Having been to many live events over the last 15+ years, I can share from experience what sets S&A apart:

  • intimacy – just you, me and 29 other lovely, supportive, positive, like-minded creative spirits in the room
  • 100% content – because I’m still the how-to gal 😉
  • all-Alicia – I promise you won’t get sick of me though
  • tailored to the attendees – I ask you specifically what you most need from me during the retreat well before you even arrive
  • deep-level connections with me and your fellow attendees – attendees become fast friends and they are like family to me
  • actual work done while you’re at the event – that’s why you’re there
  • actual coaching given at the event – that’s why I’m there

A few other fun things that make S&A unique:

  • A plethora of food choices and time to enjoy them – no matter what your desired diet is!
  • Portsmouth – a walking city of shops, restaurants, on the ocean – attendees even walk to Maine to get a lobster roll at Warrens!

And yes, I will be inviting you to work with me further after the event, but you will get what you need while you’re there… and I think you’ll find my light-touch invitation to be refreshing. In fact, many clients ultimately sign up for coaching because they felt they were able to make a decision from a place of peace and calm ~ no high-pressure hyped-up sales pitch here (ask around ;-)).

So what do you think? Is S&A the live retreat you’ve been searching for but have yet to experience?

I’d really love to have you join us…

Reserve your seat now

Reserve your seat and get ready for some big aha’s and lots of fun

Just $497

When you register, you’ll also receive…

BONUS: Inspired Call with Alicia – 1st 10 people only

If you’re one of the first 10 people to register, you’ll be invited to join me for an ‘Inspired’ call soon after the retreat. During this relaxed time together, I’ll share with you some of the ways I stay inspired so I can continue to expand. The chat will be open for you to ask me anything you’d like –  whether it’s about your business or mine – or anything that came up during the retreat that you have questions about. I’m happy to follow-up, and I love to share ‘behind the screen’ to inspire you as you move forward in growing your business and expanding your life.

BONUS: Private Facebook Group

As soon as you register your seat, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group so you can begin to connect with other attendees. This is a fun and safe gathering space to receive guidance and support as you prepare to get the most out of the event. Plus I’ll be adding some special surprises to the group too!


BONUS: Access to Online Business Breakthrough LIVE™

I’m also giving you access to my Online Business Breakthrough Live! program. This online coaching program will give you a refresher on the foundational pieces you need to have in place before being able to fully move to the next level with the online component of your business. We’ll send you all the details once you reserve your spot so you can access the program materials whenever you’d like.


BONUS: LIVE Spotlight Coaching with me

One of the best parts about keeping my events small is that I’m able to give you LOADS of individualized attention during our 2 days together. There will be plenty of opportunities for you to receive “spotlight” coaching with me throughout the event so we can personalized the content even more for you. This is one of the reasons why we have so many returning attendees!


BONUS: Successful Sales Pages Made Simple

Many of my clients struggle with writing a sales page, so you’re not alone if this is a sticking point for you too.

Writing a sales page is an art and a science. I’m giving you my sales page formula plus at least three different templates that you can use to help you get 80% of your sales page complete. That’s the science piece. The art piece is adding YOU to your sales page so it authentically sells for you.

“Before working with Alicia, if you had told me it was possible to write authentic sales copy, I would have scoffed. But I will never forget an  exercise we worked through at Alicia’s event that led to me spending an afternoon with tears streaming down my face, pouring my heart onto a page to my clients about what I had created for them and why. I didn’t know entrepreneurship could be like this but Alicia showed me it can.”
Jamie Ridler MA CPCC


BONUS: How to Take the Summer Off

One of the questions I get asked the most is this: “Alicia, how do you manage to take the summers off?”

Well, as part of your event materials, I’m going to share exactly how I do it – tips, tricks, techniques and all.

Spending the summer at the lake with my husband and kids was one of my biggest motivators in making my business a success, and I’m happy to share with you how I’ve made that happen every year for 12 years.

It’s a practical step-by-step guide to putting the right systems into place so when you take time off (whether it’s the summer, the holidays or a week’s vacation), you truly take time OFF – and your business still runs.


BONUS: Priority Registration & Special Savings to Alicia’s 2018 Live Event

If you register for the event AND attend, you’ll receive Priority Registration and Special Savings to Alicia’s 2018 live event.

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Reserve your exclusive spot for Simplify & Amplify now

Just $497

This online transaction is 100% secure and after your information is received, you will get an electronic receipt and further instructions within a few minutes.

Please see complete policy and payment terms on our policies page here.

One last thing to help you make your decision…

You’ll get great value and enjoy Simplify & Amplify if you…

  • Are committed to your vision of where you want to take your business and your life, and you like to be shown how it’s absolutely possible to get there, step-by-step.
  • Want personal access to a real-life, true-success entrepreneur who explains things clearly, and provides everything you’ll need to get where you want to go.
  • Are passionate about what you want to offer to the world and are excited about the possibilities that are ahead for you.

Just remember that I am the match but you are the flame, that I’ll help you get started but it’s your responsibility to keep the flame burning.

My events are workshop-style – you will leave with your personalized Business Ascension Model™ complete and ready to implement step-by-step.

And this event is ‘All Alicia’ so it’s just me for the full 2 days. I’m personally going to give you EVERYTHING I have to make your online business the success you desire and the shifts you can make that will uplevel your life as well.

Remember, everything you’ll learn from me at the event means more FREEDOM – to do the things you most want to do with the people you most want to do them with, when you most want to do them.

And the strategies and mindset shifts you’ll learn during our 2 full days together are what I consistently use to continue to expand my business and my life, with a lot less stress and struggle.

I strongly encourage you to REGISTER NOW because these spots go very quickly. (All past events have SOLD OUT and this will be no exception)

So… if you’re ready to commit to finally taking your business and your life to the next level, go on and reserve your spot.

Remember, there are only 30 spots available TOTAL for the event, so please don’t wait to register if you know in your gut you’re ready to stop struggling and move to the next level in your business – and your life.

Reserve your seat now

We encourage you to register as early as possible so we can start connecting right away and send your pre-event info early enough so you can prepare to get the most out of the event.

Just $497

What Happens After You Join…

Once you register, you’ll be sent a welcome email with all the your travel details so you can make your arrangements asap.

In September, you’ll receive a short questionnaire from Alicia so she can be sure to help you with what you’re struggling with the most at the retreat.

You’ll be given access to the private Facebook group where you can start connecting with the other S&A attendees right away.

Our FB group is where you’ll find roommates, rideshares, find out the best places to eat, do a drop-in yoga class, or just how you get to Maine from Portsmouth – on foot. 😉

Just prior to the retreat, Alicia will be posting thoughts, questions, and mini-actions in the private Facebook group to help prepare you to get the most out of our time together.

You’ll only need to check in with the group or set your notifications to receive alerts when Alicia posts, and we’ll be in there to answer any questions or provide feedback should you need it.

What else you may need to know…

Dates, Location, Schedule, Travel & Accommodations Info

In case you missed it, here’s everything you need to know dates, location, event schedule, travel and accommodations info for S&A…

Dates: October 16-17, 2017

Event Location: Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center, Portsmouth, NH

Event Hotel: Hampton Inn & Suites – Downtown Portsmouth

  • Group Room Rate: $175/per room, per night
    (There are a limited number of rooms during a very busy time on the Eastern seacoast, so please book early! Group room code will be provided upon registration.)

    Your S&A Retreat Guest Room includes:
  • Continental breakfast each morning of the retreat
  • free wifi
  • a guest room with two queen beds if you’d like to share with a roommate
  • in-room refrigerator
  • in-room coffee maker
  • Fitness room and pool

Event Schedule:
(All times are Eastern)

Plan to arrive on Sunday, October 15 and join us for a casual Cocktails & Connection evening social

Monday, October 16
Continental Breakfast – included with your guest room if you reserved a room within our group rate/block
8:30am: Registration
9am-5pm: In Retreat

Tuesday, October 17
Continental Breakfast – included with your guest room if you reserved a room within our group rate/block
9am-5pm: In Retreat

Lunch and Dinners are on your own and you’ll LOVE the wonderful choices for every desire and diet within easy walking distance.

Please note that we’ll be wrapping up by 5pm on the final day of the retreat. If you are planning on returning home that evening and are flying, please do not make your return flight arrangements earlier than 9pm (10pm if you are flying out of the country) so you can be sure to take advantage of the entire retreat experience and to not disrupt the final session of the retreat for your fellow attendees. Thank you!

How to get there…

By air:

Portsmouth Harbor Events & Conference Center is less than an hour from Logan International Airport (MA), Manchester Airport (NH) and Portland Jetport (ME). If you are flying in from out of town, plan to arrive on Sunday, October 15, allowing yourself time to relax and unwind, perhaps explore Portsmouth (it’s a walking city with lots of cool shops and restaurants) and join Alicia and your fellow attendees that evening for a casual social gathering.

*Transportation Services*

To get from the airport to the hotel, you have a number of options:

BEST OPTION: Logan’s BEST Option #1: C&J Coach – 800-258-7111

C&J Coach service is available to and from Logan International. This is our past attendees favorite way to get to Portsmouth. These are brand new coaches with leather seats, free wifi, a cooler of ice cold bottles of water for you and headsets for their TV. With seatback trays and power plug-ins, you are able to surf the Internet while enjoying a comfortable ride between Portsmouth and Logan Airport! The cost for this option is $43 round trip. You can purchase your ticket online and find exact pick-up locations as well at:

Option #2: Car Service and Shuttles

Rates vary with service, which airport, and how many passengers – to save money, reserve a car with 1-3 other attendees. Details on services is provided upon registration or by request.

Option #3: Auto Rental

If you’d like to rent a car and drive up the coast (so pretty!), there are many options from Logan:

Or contact one of these local rental agencies to book:

Budget Rent-A-Car, 2 Mirona Road, Portsmouth (603) 431-1986
Enterprise Rent-A-Car. 445 Route 1 Bypass, Portsmouth (603) 433-1177

ROOMMATES/RIDESHARES We know some of you are interested in sharing a room and/or sharing a ride to and from the airport. Once you register, you’ll be able to coordinate via our private S&A Facebook Group with the other attendees about doing so under the Roommates/RideShares thread.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re happy to help! Just email us at

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you be offering a simulcast ticket option for S&A?
No, S&A will not be offered via simulcast. At the moment, S&A is an intimate workshop, with no more than 30 attendees. In order to engage fully with the participants in the room, I have purposefully chosen not to simulcast the event.
I’m new in business. Am I going to be overwhelmed by S&A?

If you’re a new business owner but have the foundational pieces in place (you know your market and your message, you have a website and a freebie with an opt-in feature), then you’ll find what you’ll learn at S&A to get you to that next level more quickly than you could alone.

If you have several years under your belt, what I’ll be sharing with you during our two days together is applicable and immediately implementable to your level of business growth.

One of the unique ways I teach is in ‘layers’ – you’ll fully appreciate this at the event, so that no matter where you are on your business-building path, you’ll learn just what you need to know and do next to move up to your next level.

And it’s one of the beauties of hosting a boutique event like this – we’ll be tailoring all of the content together for wherever you are on your business-building path (starting with a Discovery Questionnaire you receive via email before the workshop where I ask all about you and your business, your goals and desires, and what you want and need most from me at S&A).

I’d like to come, Alicia, and I'm wondering if I can bring someone with me?

While you are welcome to refer someone to the event, due to the limited seating, there are no bring-a-friend or guest tickets available.

If you’d like to refer to someone to S&A, please email to let us know, so we can thank you for yoru trust and support with a gift upon their registration.

Why would I want to take time away from my business and life to come to an event like this?

I understand that sometimes it’s like moving mountains to attend an event like this, believe me!

I also know that when it’s the right event at the right time, it will make a dramatic difference in the quality of both your business and your life – and that is absolutely worth the intensive time spent at S&A.  I want to teach you exactly how to create income that doesn’t require you to be at your desk ever, if that’s how you want to design it. My goal is to show you what’s completely possible with new thinking, a shift in perspective, proven business models, and the exact strategies to get you to where you want to be a whole lot sooner.

I've been to so many events and have been disappointed that I didn't get what was promised. How do I know that your event will really help me?

My experience from coaching and mentoring for over 16 years is that no one else can do the work for you. If you’re ready to look at things differently, dismantle and let go of what’s no longer working, and re-create from that space, with a willingness and excitement to do the work, then I’d love to have you join us!

This retreat is designed to show you the path I’ve walked – the successes and the failures – and I know how to create a financially successful business while honoring the life experiences that are most important to me. That’s what I’ll be sharing and showing you at S&A.

I've been to your live event before and loved it - and I'm curious. Is this the same content?

While there will be some content we’ve covered before, we’ll be going deeper and looking at it from the standpoint of removing the layers so that we can be simplifying everything. And there will be fresh content that will be looking at what’s new and working today to add to the possibilities for new income streams for you, and of course my focus is on how the LEVERAGE everything in your business so you get a much bigger result for far less effort. This year we have new and revised sessions that will increase your reach and grow your audience. You will also hear from past attendees as to what worked for them since learning at previous events to inspire you.

I’d like to come, Alicia, but I don’t like big rah-rah events, as I'm more introverted and like a quieter energy. Will I be energetically over-stimulated at your workshop?

I’m an extrovert (and ENFP to be exact 😉 ) but until I learned some techniques to protect my energy (I call it my ‘magic bubble’), I would be completely overwhelmed by big rah-rah, lots of dancing and loud music, squished into rows of seats, long days (and not long enough breaks) type of events.

S&A is nothing like that. Our event is held in a large space with lots of natural light and space so that we have plenty of room to breathe and spread out. And we have breaks that are long enough to take a walk and get some fresh air and sunshine as well as enough time for a relaxed lunch so you can rest and recharge alone or with your new-found friends, who will become long-term friends (it’s a close-knit group who continue to connect and collaborate together well after the event ends). Plus you’ll be invited to join the private Facebook group where you can start connecting with the other S&A attendees right away. You can find a roommate or share a ride within the group as well.

What is your cancellation and refund policy?
  • If you decide not to attend Simplify & Amplify, you have up until 60 days before the event begins to ask for a refund. We’ll refund your ticket purchase, less a $100 bookkeeping fee. After the 60-day cutoff, cancellations are non-refundable. However, you may apply the funds to Alicia’s future events or any other products within one year.
  • Tickets may be transferred to a friend, colleague, spouse, client or the like, by written request to our office, and only for the specific Simplify & Amplify dates/year for which they were purchased.
  • Tickets are not transferable from one Simplify & Amplify dates/year to another Simplify & Amplify or any other events dates/year. If you do not attend the event you have purchased a ticket for, that ticket is forfeit and nonrefundable.
  • Due to limited seating and Alicia’s desire that this event be the right decision for all, all ticket purchases must be approved and are at the sole discretion of Alicia Forest International. Any ticket purchases not approved will be refunded in full.
  • Due to the very limited number of tickets for the event, no refund requests will be accepted after October 15, 2017. The reason for this is so all who attend honor their commitment to their decision and give themselves the gift of being fully present and open to learning, connecting and shifting over the course of the two days with Alicia and the other S&A attendees.
  • Read full event policies here
What if I need a roommate?

Once you register, you’ll be given access to our private S&A Facebook group where you can post your request for a roommate. We purposefully reserve rooms with 2 queen beds as many of our attendees prefer to share, to split costs as well as for the camaraderie, and some really wonderful friendships have developed from that shared experience!

There is a very limited number of discounted guest rooms for the event, and fall is a VERY popular time on the eastern seaboard, so please reserve your ticket early and book your room as soon as you receive the link to the hotel’s booking site.

Can I come for only one day?

No. With the seats limited to just 30 (and I don’t over-register my event), it wouldn’t be fair to reserve one for just one day. Plus I wouldn’t recommend it.

Making the choice and commitment to attend this event is really a gift to your business growth and ultimately to yourself. It’s about honoring your desire for your next level of growth, and joining others who are on the same journey and who want to be connected and supportive of each other as they continue on this entrepreneurial path. The content is specifically designed each day to help move you from Foundation, to Flow, to Freedom… so jumping in for just a part of that process would not serve you.

I believe you deserve this immersive time dedicated to you and your business!

If you’re reading this, you are likely intrigued and interested in joining us in Portsmouth.

I want to make sure you have all the information you need to make a decision so don’t hesitate to email me at

I personally respond to every email. 🙂


Join us, won't you?

Reserve your seat now

More praise from past attendees of Alicia’s events…

“Being distracted from my business plans over the last couple of years due to personal challenges, I finally feel like I have the path laid before me to take my business forward in a new way. I’m excited about my new funnel and money game too! Alicia is the rare workshop leader who has both leadership presence in that she is organized and keeps things moving, and is also present and in the moment. She really listens, responds appropriately and show empathy to participants. Alicia knows immediately if the group is overwhelmed, confused and/or fearful and handles it immediately. In my experience, very few people have the ability to be a strong presence and stay moving and also respond in such a heartfelt manner.” Linda DeCarlo ~ Joyful Success Training and Coaching

“I learned how to look at all the pieces of my business differently, and from the perspective of what’s holding me back. My favorite parts of Alicia’s event was the ‘freedom planning’ and the biggest shift I got was getting clear on what I need to let go of in order to mover forward. I’ve committed to chunking things down into small pieces, finally!” Marlene Clay -

“I loved so much about Alicia’s event – there was so much power in some of the simplest exercises! I realized that I have many of the business components already; it’s just a matter of putting them together differently that will make the difference. I also realized I need to raise my rates. Great content, great connections – thank you, Alicia!” Helen Kosinski -

“Before coming to Alicia’s event, I couldn’t decide what I really wanted my business focus to be so that it played to my strengths and really helped other businesses. In discussion with Alicia and returning attendees, I decided to quite simply be me rather than having several businesses. I then figured out what aspects of my current offerings I would focus on so that they would be coherent and appropriately represent what I’m able to offer clients. I can’t wait to build and promote my new website and business offerings and then next year to show everyone what I’ve achieved!” Gillian Pritchett -

“Before Alicia’s event, I wasn’t clear about the next steps I wanted to take in my business. I was open to listening for cues as to where to put my attention. After taking my business offline over the past year, I wasn’t sure how to dip my toe back into the online sphere. My biggest shift at Alicia’s event was that I decided it was time to invest in high-level support. I’m also feeling really ready to start at the beginning with my free taste and let the process unfold (instead of needing to know all the steps). I can’t wait to write my manifesto and to plan my next workshop – and I also can’t wait to work with Alicia.”

Natanya Lara -

“Before I came to Alicia’s event, I had put my business in a very low place on the priority list. I knew I needed to connect with like-minded people and recommit and get re-inspired. I feel so much more grounded in my commitment to actually have a successful business again. I see how important planning is and how neglecting it has impacted my (lack of) business. I realized that I’ve been holding back from declaring and marketing myself as a Recovery Coach, which is a passion I’ve had and been afraid I couldn’t make money doing. I can’t wait to make a specific time commitment and set goals (both professional and money) for my business, and to dive into Alicia’s online coaching program.”

Kate Arnold -

“When I arrived at Alicia’s event, my head was full of noise and I was struggling for clarity. I realized that I needed to extract myself from my business. The retreat was great for me to change my perspective and see my business from the outside looking in and to realize that I know a lot more than I give myself credit for. It’s time for me to play a bigger role. It helped me to decide on the direction I need to take. I now have a plan. I also feel more confident! I’m excited to reconnect with past clients and offer them my new programs and offers on my site. Now i know what needs to be done to move forward in my business.”

Lisa Kelly ~

“The biggest shift I had from Alicia’s event was that while this whole business-building thing can be overwhelming, all the pieces are doable!” Alice Wojcio ~ Advantage Training & Development

“Before Alicia’s event I was feeling uninspired and I was struggling with re-igniting my business. What I recognized was that simple implementation can create massive results, that tracking creates momentum, and that being in a “comfortable minimum” mindset is actually not very comfortable. I’m so excited to take the wisdom and put it on the calendar with all the insights I’ve received to take my next best steps in my business.” Laura Clark ~

“The biggest shift I had from Alicia’s event was that  need to schedule more back-end time and self-care time. What stands out to me the most about Alicia’s events is that the people who attend (and many who come back again and again) are just such and awesome and supportive group. I’ll be back in 2017 for sure!” Gail Klanchesser - Coastal CPR & First Aid

“I had many shifts during Alicia’s event – pay someone to do my list-building or it wont’ get done, strengthen my launches and autoresponders to make my programs stronger, and track, track, track! Alicia’s events are always fantastic – Portsmouth, the hotel, the people, the conference center – I love them all.” Lisa Braithwaite ~

“I’ve been stuck with planning and cash flow in my business, and now I know to focus on one income stream at a time, and suddenly I feel really good about cash flow! I felt very zen about my path – focus, plan, implement. Thank you, Alicia!” Brigitte Nadeau ~ Healthy Yummy Cooking

“I was really struggling with the frustration over not making enough money, but after Alicia’s event, I now have the tools and a business that now has an online component. I also now am confident that my business idea is viable, doable and that I already know a lot! I can’t wait to implement all the money strategies we learned, as well as write up content for a bunch of ideas I came up with. ” Paula Diaco ~

“I didn’t know how to take my brick-and-mortar business online to create more income, but after spending time with Alicia at her event, I now know that there is value to what I have to offer and people will respond by paying me. I can’t wait to put my signature system to work now that I have all the steps to make it happen! Thank you, Alicia – I am so thankful for the time and space to dive deep into my business and give thought to what else I can do to achieve more freedom in my life and what I can do to continue to support teachers and young children.” Amy Pertl-Clark ~

“I was struggling with having a business that limped along, but after Alicia’s event, I know the exact three things I need to do to move me from the muck to momentum. I can’t wait to start a-new!” Angela Schutz ~

“Before attending Alicia’s event I was simply stalled on my business, having recently become a mom. After the event, I felt clear on where I needed to re-start my business, and I’m excited about creating my new free gift and podcast to help me reach my audience and grow my list. Thank you!” Kaydee Dahlin ~

“Besides learning about growing my business online, I love the caliber of people who attend Alicia’s event. I’ve made friends, found resources, and a tremendous support system through your workshop. Thank you!” Beth Frede ~

“I came to Alicia Forest’s event for the Signature Program, trying to get more clarification on that, and I walked away with so much more. The first day I started implementing stuff right away, so I am very excited and happy. I look forward to next year.” Doreen Dilger ~

“Alicia’s event has been amazing and it has replaced my business worries and concerns with a lot of relief, results, confidents and joy. So thank you Alicia for all of your wisdom. And the other bonus was this amazing network of wonderful people. Thanks!” Connie Hammer ~

“I’m here in Portsmouth, NH for Alicia’s event and it’s just been fantastic. Alicia is just so approachable and a great teacher. All the steps that I’ve learned is exactly what I need to go home and start implementing. It’s awesome for someone who actually doesn’t know where to go yet, because that’s been my problem and Alicia has given me that piece. So I can go home and go forward from there. I want to thank Alicia with all my heart. And everybody that I’ve met here has been wonderful and so support of everyone in the room. It’s just been an awesome experience and I hope to get back here next year. I can’t wait!” Cheryl Lachman, RN LNC ~ Legal Nurse Consultant

“To pick just one thing would be impossible because I feel like I have so many gold nuggets of things to actually implement when I leave. Alicia is fabulous in being so authentic and giving us so many specific tools and having a plan for when we leave. But I especially loved the information that she gave us on our money style and then a very specific tool with how to know what our value is that we provide to our clients. And that’s really what I needed to get really clear on the value that I give them in multiple areas in their life. And it was a template that I’ve never seen before and got so much value out of it, so thank you Alicia! This event has been fabulous. I’m going home with tons of amazing ideas. Thank you.” Michelle Wilson, LMHC ~

“At Alicia’s event, one thing that really resonated with me was the structure and the ideas. I have all these ideas in my head, and was great to have an actual format and structure. And I’m leaving here with plans to put in place; an actual plan and structure, which I’ve never had.” Tara McGillicuddy ~

“We’re just about done wrapping up Alicia’s event in beautiful Portsmouth, NH. And I got a lot of great stuff out of this workshop, but two things really grabbed me. One is the exercise we did today where we talked about some of the benefits people get from working with me and some of the costs they occur from not working with with me. Really hammered home my value and what I can do for people. And it made me feel really proud and excited about what I can offer to people. And the other thing I am super-super excited about is having my signature system done. And I have to admit I had no idea coming in here how I was going to have a signature system done in a short workshop, but she guided us through it and it’s done! And I am so excited! I actually couldn’t fall asleep last night because I was so excited I stayed up working on it. I am very, very pumped to get that in print and ready for print by the end of the year. Thanks Alicia!” Michele Christensen ~

“I’ve been working with Alicia for over two years now and it’s hard to summaries everything in a quick 30 second interview how fantastic she is. This is my 2nd workshop that I’ve been to and I’m amazed at the breakthroughs I’m getting. I’m leaving here with yet another signature system. I also worked with her as a private client last of hers year and just having her in my corner was amazing. She will rock your business world and I highly recommend working with Alicia. She’s just awesome.” Donna Ashton ~

“I am so happy to be here with Alicia Forest at her event. It has been fabulous. Before I came here I was really struggling with what steps to implement to build my business and really I was really failing with my niche. This has helped me to hone that in and now I’m walking away with a plan on what I want to do and what steps to take. I’m ready to get home and start implementing.” Lesley V. Ingves ~

“I’ve been to Alicia’s event 6 years in a row. It remains a great experience, and every year is even greater. Although the material in many ways is the same as before, it’s really beneficial because I’m looking at it through a different lens or I’m in a different point in my life, so I’m seeing the information from a different prospective. And more importantly I’m getting some great ideas from the material again this year. So, it’s definately worth your while to come to Alicia’s event.” Bill McPeck ~ WorkPlace Wellness

“I’ve been to a lot of different masterminds, coach environments and to a lot of different events and I have to say that one of the reasons I came to Alicia’s event is because I’ve respected her for a number of years. We’ve shared the virtual stage together on a number of different events. And I really wanted to spend some time with her in person, because what she has created is a business that a lot of us are dreaming of (where she can take the entire summer off), so that really excited me. And what I want to say about the event is that Alicia has provided incredibly valuable content. Many of us in the room have had really powerful transformations and she’s done it in a way that is so graceful and open-hearted. If you are thinking about coming to Alicia’s event or working with Alicia, I would highly recommend it. She is one of those heart-centered entrepreneurs who is truly-heart centered.” Amethyst Wyldfyre ~

“I want to thank Alicia for allowing us this space and this opportunity not only to acknowledge and be proud of where we are, but to look at the future with an open mind and to be able to see the possibilities that are out there for us. And to make you feel like it’s not difficult, it can be done, and we can achieve it! And that’s what I’ve felt over the course of this program especially with everyone else in the room. I feel that we’re all on our way and it’s because of the great training were getting from Alicia. I also want to thank Alicia for the scholarship because I wouldn’t be here if I hadn’t gotten the scholarship to come, so thank you.” Lisa Braithwaite ~

“I’ve been following Alicia Forest for a few years. I always knew I wanted to work with her at some point and the timing has been right now. It’s the last day of Alicia’s live event and there definitely have been lots of breakthroughs. One of the big ones was that I’ve struggled to create a signature system for years and just by doing the simple technique that we did, I have it really solid and clear. The highlight for me at this event has been the environment that has been created. The support of all the woman that have been here, where there’s no judgment and I can really be myself and share openly the struggles and successes and get that support and feedback from other people. That is definately unique to any business type event that I’ve ever been to, so I’m really excited. And I encourage you to consider attending this because being here in person has to be experienced to really know that power of this event.” Melissa Kitto ~

“I’ve been in involved with Alicia Forest for a number of years and every newsletter she sends out she’s so content involved and such an amazing and generous woman. I couldn’t be happier that I made the decision to come here to her event, and then work with her as one of her private clients. I’ve had so many breakthroughs… I can’t even tell you how many I’ve breakthroughs had! My signature system that I wanted to develop for a number of years has come through very solidly. And I have more confidence than ever that I’ll have a very sustainable business for many years to come – forever really, so it’s been an honor. If you’re thinking about it, definately come to this event.” Anne Deidre ~

“I just wanted to let you know that if you’re ever wondering, “Should I ever get into business? Is this the right thing for me?”, you need to check out Alicia Forest because she has a blueprint that will tell you step-by-step what to do. She’s personable, she’s down to earth, she’s fun and she’ll give you each and every one of the steps, so check her out at her next live event.” Cindy Melton ~

“I just want to say that this has been one of the best workshops I’ve ever been to because it’s actually a workshop and not just a “rah-rah you’re going to do great next year” kind of a thing. Through Alicia’s workshop, I’ve been able to solidify who my target market is and what my passion is and what I really want to help them with. Going forward I now have a system that I’m going to be able to help a lot more people because now I know what I’m doing every time, all the time. Thanks Alicia!” Crystal Pina ~

“I have to say – of all the presenters that I’ve been to Alicia is so amazing. In many of the conferences that I’ve been to there’s been this, “do thisthis way, do that this way”, but Alicia really has this beautiful way of presenting options but listen to your gut. What does your heart say? This really brings me back to the place of what makes heart sing. Because when I come from a place of my heart and my gut, I can make a greater impact with my clients and I’m able to help them heal in a much more powerful way because I’m not doing it, I’m actually being it. And that’s the piece that Alicia has brought to this conference that I often don’t get. Is that place of being who I am in the world from a really strong and powerful place and being able to have it done with steps that are doable and that can allow me to grow in a way that I have not been able to before. Alicia, thank you and I will be coming back to continue to work with you.” Teresa Lea ~

“Alicia’s event was incredible! This was the first live event I have gone too and it was so worth it! I can’t wait for the next one! I had so many a-ha moments and shifts in my beliefs that I couldn’t wait to get back to work to start implementing and changing everything that I had come up with. I met a lot of wonderful people and learned so much from everyone there. I loved that we could interact with both Alicia and others and it seemed to fly by. I had so much fun! I have already started making some of the changes that Alicia taught me and it is already making a huge impact in both my life and business! Alicia is a wonderful coach and teacher and I highly recommend this event to anyone that is ready to really step up in their business and make some changes to get to the next level!” Erin Alli ~

“I got real clarity around my signature system at Alicia’s event and this means I can bring forward developing products by about three months! It was wonderful to connect with Alicia in person and she gave huge value with her gracious, honest style – would highly recommend attending!” Cathy Presland ~

“I came to Alicia Forest’s event confused and unclear about the direction I wanted to take my business. On day two of the workshop, when we worked through our Signature System, the clouds parted and my vision for my business became clearer than it’s been in months! Not only do I now have a Signature System, but I have focus and clarity around the clients I most want to work with and how I will support them. That alone was worth every penny of this workshop to me. I loved the intimate size of this workshop which allowed me to connect with the other participants on a personal level. Alicia’s authenticity and warmth nurtures an environment of sharing, compassion and growth that I’ve not experienced anywhere else. I am excited about my business again and ready to move confidently toward my goals for the coming year.” Jackie Cunningham ~

“The content, the exercises and the interactions with the other attendees make Alicia’s event a MUST. The sessions are content rich; the exercises thought-provoking and certain to get you into gear and taking action. It’s a workshop that has value for any business owner who wants to use the internet to grow their business. Participants came from all over the world, had online and/or ‘bricks and mortar’ businesses; some were just starting out, others were seasoned business owners – all were agreed that this event was well worth attending. In fact I’ve a feeling that many of us will be there again next year! Alicia is extremely knowledgeable, very informative, very authentic & transparent and extremely approachable, often staying during breaks to talk to attendees.” Gillian Pritchett, MA. CPFA. ~

“Alicia’s Workshop was EXACTLY what my business needed at this moment. Not only did I discover that I do indeed have a Signature System, but I found the confidence to finally commit to taking my business to the next level. By the time I boarded my plane home I had crafted my entire business plan, which included what products I was launching, the timeline for all my launches and the exact breakdown of how I was going to reach my new income goal. It was so exhilarating to see it all come together…. I had been piecing things together unsuccessfully for years and realized that what I really needed was someone to take my hand and show me how to set it up from start to finish. Happily, that’s exactly what I got! Two thumbs way up for Alicia’s event!” Sarah Novak ~

“I attended Alicia’s workshop and I am so glad that I did. I flew from Vancouver to New Hampshire and it was a leap of faith. As soon as I met Alicia, I knew that I had made a great decision to attend because Alicia is as genuine as she is in her newsletters. She is a skilled speaker and successful business woman who gave me tools on the first day that I could implement as soon as I got home. The workshop was packed with the exact things that Alicia did to grow her business to multiple six figures. I made a great decision to attend the workshop, and hope to work with Alicia again. Thank you, Alicia, for giving me the tools I needed!” Lori Lach ~

“Being a part of Alicia’s workshop was such a great opportunity. I loved the way Alicia presented the material and encouraged each of the attendees that although this was the exact blueprint she used to build her 6-figure online business, that we should tailor the blueprint to fit each of our unique businesses. I was very impressed with the variety of business types that participated and at what stages. For me, I am at the beginning of my internet journey and for others, they had been at it for awhile. This created a wonderful opportunity to see how others in other fields and niches were running their online businesses. A very unique and beneficial experience!” Ann Fafard ~

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Alicia Forest MBA
Intuitive Business Strategist + Lifestyle Designer

Alicia is a freedom-loving lake girl and intuitive business strategist who guides and supports entrepreneurs to design a life they love that’s supported by a business they love using her proven practical strategies and tools to create a livelihood that’s priority-based, profitable, and part-time.

As founder of the Mastery of Business Academy, she’s been the guiding force behind some of the best-known and successful online businesses in the coaching arena, as well in the industries of education, health and wellness, and new age, and has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs to create a business that’s fun and funds a life they love.

Alicia’s expertise has been featured on, Escape from Cubicle Nation, T. Harv Ekers’ SuccessTracs, Holistic Business Journal and countless digital media outlets. She’s also the author of 6 Simple Steps to 6 Figures for the Solo Service Professional: How to Create Your Lifestyle Business Based on Your Passion for Serving Others, available at major booksellers.

When she’s not helping entrepreneurs create ease and flow in their business, you can find her enjoying life by playing with her husband James and kids, Chloe and Jack, stretching her woo-woo wings, reading the Outlander series, writing in some form, or if it’s summer – at the lake.

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